Conditions of Sale

Photographs © Stephen Robinson.  All rights reserved.

Reproduction, copying, duplicating, storage or use of prints, images or their contents in whole or part for commercial use or display, or for any purpose other than private display in the print or framed print form supplied, is prohibited and shall constitute a breach of copyright. All orders and supplies shall be deemed to be made in accordance with and strictly subject to these Conditions of Sale including that the Purchaser warrants that he/she has acquainted himself/herself with, understands and accepts the same.

1. All photography and images are and remain the exclusive copyright of the Photographer (Stephen Robinson) and all rights are reserved.
2. Reproduction, copying, duplicating, distribution, storage in any form or use of prints, photographs, images or their contents in whole or in part for commercial use or display, or for any purpose other than private personal display in the form supplied, or allowing such by others, is prohibited and shall constitute a breach of copyright.
3. “Limited Edition” means that the Photographer restricts the sale of the particular photograph in signed exhibition print form to the Limited Edition number stated. The photographer keeps full records of the Limited Edition number issued, and undertakes that such number shall not be exceeded. “Limited Edition” means that the limit of edition/production applies to production and sale of the particular photograph in exhibition print form but does not restrict the photographer from use of the same photograph in other forms, and the Purchaser accepts that such use by the Photographer would normally enhance the value of the Purchasers’ signed Limited Edition print.
4. Limited Edition Fine Art Photographic Prints are fragile and their delicate surface and image quality can be easily damaged unless handled with extreme care and unless mounted and framed by a suitably qualified and experienced framer. Before supply, all prints are carefully checked and approved for supply. Handling, mounting and framing recommendations and guidelines are made available to the Purchaser at and after the time of order or supply. Delivery by courier, by mail or by other means to the Purchaser shall be at the risk of the Purchaser. ‘Supply’ shall be deemed made upon dispatch of the order by the Photographer. Any damage or loss suffered after supply of the order shall be the entire responsibility and risk of the Purchaser.
5. The Photographer takes all reasonable measures to ensure all prints supplied are as close as possible in print quality (including in their colour saturation, colour accuracy and contrast) as presented in any exhibition or gallery print, website image, website sample or in other samples made available for the Purchaser’s inspection. However, the Purchaser recognises and accepts that, due to the nature of print production processes, and due to the nature of the ambient light under which samples may be viewed, prints may vary in appearance from samples. In particular, the Purchaser recognises and accepts that website versions viewed by the Purchaser on a computer monitor may vary in appearance due to the above and also due to variances in monitor screens, their settings and the nature of the ambient light under which they were viewed.
6. The Photographer will take all reasonable steps to ensure prompt delivery of orders and to keep the Purchaser advised of dispatch but the Photographer does not accept any responsibility for any delay, damage, errors or omissions by any third party including any supplier, processor, courier or delivery agent or other person or body engaged by the Photographer or the Purchaser.
7. Orders still uncollected for 30-days after notification that the order is ready for such collection will be subject to sale to others to defray expenses.
8. Framing recommendations given herein or elsewhere are guidelines only and no responsibility is accepted nor inferred for any print handling or framing work done by any third parties.
9. All prints supplied are new condition prints from stock or made to order excepting Special Offer framed prints and canvas prints which include ex-gallery stock display items and ex-exhibition display items which are offered and sold in as-is condition.
10. No waiver or alleged waiver of these Conditions of Sale shall be effective unless made in writing and signed by the Photographer.