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Stephen Robinson is a professional photographer operating from his Zambia base.  He makes his living doing assignment photography for commercial, mining, agricultural, environmental-project and donor-aid project clients.  This extends beyond just photography to include his design, production & supply of photo-based marketing & communication materials.  His aerial work and his specially-developed landscape photography techniques are used to illustrate the "big picture" scale and scope of his larger clients' projects and investments.  Such work includes the production of custom made, fine art corporate photobooks.

His photo projects have for many years been of nature, wildlife, ecology, conservation & environmental subjects, this work being used in his operation of his own extensive stock photo library.

His ‘Spirit of the Land’ project (www.spirit-of-the-land.com) is an environment-people project which, by the use of panoramic photography, seeks to build awareness of the unknown remote landscape of Africa and how closely and directly its peoples depend on it for their day-to-day survival.  He uses the photography to campaign for what he calls "more joined-up thinking" on environmental & conservation issues and how they relate to human welfare and poverty.  The project was started some 12 years ago, has included several major exhibitions and is still ongoing - with the fine art prints from the exhibition work remaining in high demand.

He says:  “Photography was probably ‘in the blood’ – my father was an excellent photographer and I grew up seeing his black and white photographs.  They were mostly candid shots of people in an industrial North of England environment that is now long gone.  They so often caught ‘the moment’, very much in the style of his contemporary, Cartier-Bresson.  He was a "master printer" of the era of black & white film and the wet process darkroom. His work won many awards but has now been more fully recognised, though posthumously, by a major exhibition which travelled the UK and as far afield as Qatar and by the publication of a retrospective photo book of his work.”  A magazine review of this exhibition can be seen at Northern Heritage Exhibition.

Stephen Robinson’s nature photography has been published internationally, in Europe, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and the Far East, including in prestigious publications such as those by National Geographic.  His work has been shown at the British Museum of Natural History, the Luxembourg Museé National d’Histoire et d’Art, the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, and in the Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards 2015 finalists' exhibition in London.  His stock photo clients include BBC Wildlife Magazine, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Natural History Museum London, Financial Times London, various major international publishing houses, and Toyota Europe.

His WILDFOTOAfrica website www.wildfotoafrica.com features his stock library, portfolio & art photography work as well as his commercial work.

In addition, he publishes an online photo-journal called PhotoMail, featuring work from his current photography projects and "for those with an interest in current affairs, the environment & nature, Africa, travel, photography - and especially for those who just like looking at pictures.".  The PhotoMail publications can be seen at the WILDFOTOAfrica PhotoMail Index.